Benetton International offers family friendly service!

9 Сентября 2014

Benetton International created a kids’ corner in 80 Benetton stores all over Germany to ensure and maximise family friendly service! With children now sufficiently entertained in a safe environment, parents can spend more time on finding and fitting clothes.

In Benetton stores all over Germany you can now find customized play towers with a play system with PlayTouch software and two play modules, such as Family Bridge or Sorting Tree. In order to create a safe environment for children to play in, all stores put the play tower in a wide and open space where the tower and children are visible. The Benetton green is easily recognizable and will attract children immediately to play, making it easy for adults to shop for new clothes and keep an eye on their children. Older children will be happy to play with the tower as well, as the interactive games of the PlayTouch software offer variable entertainment based on age. In several stores is a couch available for adults to keep an eye on their children while they rest.

With more time and attention available to spend on looking for the perfect Benetton outfit, both adults and their children will leave these stores with a big smile; now that’s turning play into profit!

Benetton kids store

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